How to reset your linux password if you forget it.

Okay so I assuming you know how to load a live linux CD in a VM and in a Physical computer. If not email me and I will add these instructions for you.

1. REboot the machine and press the key either it be F12 F2 ESC to get to the boot menu.

2. Select to boot from CD

3. Once the OS has loaded open up the Terminal and make sure you have root access.( you probably will since its a live linux cd)

4. Make a temporary directory to mount the local HDD:

a. mkdia /a

5. Now Mount your local HDD to the temporary directory.

a. mount /dev/sda1 /a

6. Now remove the hash value for the account you forgot the password for in this location /a/etc/shadow

a. nano /a/etc/shadow

b.example: root:(remove the contents between these colons):11111:0:99999:7:::

7. Unmount /a and disable or remove the iso or cd for the live linux OS.

a. unmount /a

b. sync; init 0

c. remove the CD or disable the iso in the VM settings and reboot

8. You should now be able to log into the OS with no password


if you want to change your password via the terminal which i think is easier run this command:

passwd username

username = the username account password you want to change

***If you need a live linux CD Hirens Boot CD has a linux and a windows that loads into the ram or you could download knoppix or bt5***


How to get Flash to work in BT5 R3

So… I’m guessing this is supposed to work out of the box because it worked for Token’s build.

This is what I did to get it to work..

1. Download the flash player from adobe. I had to use 10.3 because for some reason the newest would not work.

A. Here is the link to the old players there is a ton ( ) 

2. make a directory for the file and mv the tar file to that directory

A. mkdir flash

B. mv (tar file) flash/

3. extract the file 

A. tar xvzf (the tar file here) 

4. Now copy the to the plugins directory and you may have to create it so .. create it

A. cd /.~mozilla

B. mkdir plugins

C. cp -f /.~mozilla/plugins

Now restart your machine and that should work…

if not just to be safe there are other locations that you can put the file in






I understand this isn’t the neatest of instruction so if you need help email me.


~0.0~ Glitch