Welcome to DCG 505

Welcome to DCG505! I am currently on the hunt for people who are interested in joining this group. This group will always be open to everyone and anyone who is willing to learn about technology, computer security, hardware hacking, lock picking etc.

For the first meeting I would like to cover using Anti (Android Network Toolkit) on the android OS. We could cover how to jailbreak and root devices the first meeting as well. I recently just Rooted my android and was researching things to do on a rooted phone and read about Anti on THN.  I thought I would check it out. Hopefully, by the time I find a place to meet I will have some papers/presentation on how to use Anti.  Anti has a Beta for MAC so, I will see how that works on the Ipad.

Please introduce yourself and if you have any ides on where to meet I’m open for suggestions.

ALSO, If anyone has any other ideas for the first meeting besides the normal meet and greet and my idea on Anti please post a comment under PROJECTS. I would appreciate any and all feedback to make this an AWESOME! experience.


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